I have some trouble to get my Awus036h working.

Im running BT4-Final in a vmware(v7.1) with the newest vmware-tools which I've installed before on the usual way.

After booting and starting the x server I open a shell and check with "iwconfig" if the adapter is there, but its not listed. It needs quite a while to find it there( 3-4minutes).

Next thing that I did is bring it up with "ifconfig wlan0 up". But it takes ages again to bring it up. And when its up then, its not working. (means, /etc/init.d/wicd start | then start the wifimanger | but my wlan isnt listed, or better to say, nothing is listed)

I also checked if the adapter is recognized properly under (System - Peripherals - USB Devices within the KDE) Looks like there aren't any incompatibilities.

Weird thing is, that Bt4-PRE-Final(vmware version) is also installed and this one is working like a charme. Just boot, login and fire it up. No problems at all.

Any suggestions what could be wrong ? I got exactly the same issue with Bt3 several years ago. Here I had to downgrade the Vmware version to an older one to get it running.
Strange thing is, that the pre version is working, so I guess it can't really be a vmware related problem ?!

yours sincerely