Ok, so I am testing the security of one of my Windows XP machines with Nessus and Metasploit. I have Nessus 4.2 and Metasploit 3 installed on another XP machine. I have scanned the target computer and found a high-risk issue. I am now trying to use Metasploit to determine the problem as well as exploit with it (just to play around). However, I have run into a problem:

I have successfully connected to a database and imported a .nessus file. But when I type "db_hosts" to view the target host, there is no information. Therefore, I am not able to use db_autopwn to exploit. Can anybody help me?

I have been following a video. (YouTube - Owning with Nessus and Metasploit) I have done every step just as show without problems until I type "db_hosts". PLEASE HELP!!!!