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Thread: Nvidia Installs Good But, Gone After Restart

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    Question Nvidia Installs Good But, Gone After Restart

    Hello All,

    I'm a newbie to Backtrack. I just put it on a USB to test drive it. I've installed the Nvidia drivers... Yes I closed startx (i hope logging out does it cause that seemed logical.)

    ran this command....

    apt-get install nvidia-driver

    then typed startx and it looks wonderful. 1440 x 900 yeah!!!

    Anyways. I get done playing and shutdown. When I restart the drivers are gone!!! I've installed other stuff via apt and the gui repository and found when I shutdown then boot back up, all my changes are gone! My USB doesn't have any write protection abilities.

    I'm booting up into default mode if that helps. Maybe that's my problem, I don't know.

    Can anyone help me figure out a way to save the installs so that they are there upon reboot?

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    Default Re: Nvidia Installs Good But, Gone After Restart

    you need to create a usb with persistent changes. There are lots of how to's

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