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Thread: Missing hcid.d

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    Default Missing hcid.d


    I am trying to get everything set and start play around with bluetooth, but i am missing hcid.conf

    I hear that i need it and alot of the stuff i do via bluetooth ends in FAIL.

    I am using a macbook pro, VM FUSION, Connected Bluetooth VM Fusion.

    I go in to Hciconfig hci0 up

    it show my bluetooth device, and i seem to be golden..

    unfortunately it seems that i need that file so things like bluesmash wont crash. On the net people talk about it.. been searching ubunto forums and it seems to be commonly missing for people.

    Can anyone provide me some insight and help on this please.

    Much Appreciated.

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    Default Re: Missing hcid.d

    OK, so why don't you create that file then? You can find more examples by Googling, like I just did for you.
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    Default Re: Missing hcid.d

    BlueZ no longer uses hcid.conf, that is a BlueZ 3.x configuration file. You can try creating one on your own to satisfy some app that demands the ability to read it, but since BlueZ is not going to be using any of the information contained in the file, it won't do you much good.

    If you absolutely need BlueZ 3.x for some tool (many Bluetooth tools have not, and probably will not, be updated to BlueZ 4.x), then I would suggest either running BackTrack 3 or else getting BlueZ 3.x installed on BT4.

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    Red face Re: Missing hcid.d (just encountered this)

    i just encountered the missing hcid.conf file... and i would like it if someone could clarify for me in dr gr33ns post about Bluesmash and creating the same file....

    should i delete all the other files in the /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf and replace that file(?) text or folder tho there is only the bluetooth folder in that part of the DIR.

    1st question is about the RFCOMM's

    in the bluesmash program there is the option under connectivity, there is the 1) connect 2) bind...

    now i selected bind rfcomm0 to channel 3 for DUN connection when this was done i went to bluebugger and tried to dial from my mobile via BT4 and said connection failed.

    so after that i went to a new console window and had a look at
    sdptool record 00:26:69:68:20:03
    (my nokia n97)

    this shows that there are various rfcomms and channels (services list).

    under the dial up networking (DUN) it says that the channel is 22.

    from this information am i right to assume that when i go back i change rfcomm0 to be binded with channel 22?

    or is
    mdnod -m 666 /dev/rfcomm 0 c 216 3
    ] the standard regardless of what the rfcomm is on the phone?

    i geuss the other way i could try it is
    mdnod -m 666 /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 22
    has anyone tried that?
    i also noticed that the OBEX FTP is RFCOMM3 and the channel is 5. if i figure it out before any replys i will see about making some sort of script for the nokia n97 rfcomms and channels binding stage.

    sorry if these questions have already been answered...

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