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Thread: Backtrack4 installer gui hangs

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    Default Backtrack4 installer gui hangs

    Does anyone know of an alternate installer, something text based preferably? I have tried using just the icon and typing ubiquity in the terminal. I have also tried downloading a second bt4 iso from the website on two different computers. Ubuntu 9.10 installs fine from text install but not gui install either, not sure if this is relevant, but this distro is based off of Ubuntu

    Steps I take so anyone can see if I do anything wrong
    Boot off livecd
    type startx
    double click
    Installer hangs and freezes

    Boot off livecd
    type startx
    run terminal
    Backtrack hangs and freezes after a minute. No error messages are supplied.

    The laptop I am trying is a dv9930us
    Hardware is
    Cpu-Intel core2duo t5570 @2ghz
    Graphics-nvidia 8600m gs
    Harddrive- 320gb 5400 rpm SATA
    RAM - 4gb ddr @800mhz
    Operating system I am trying to dual boot with is windows 7
    Sorry I could not provide any more information, any help or suggestions would be great.

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    Default Re: Backtrack4 installer gui hangs

    The BackTrack 4 Beta install guide uses a manual method which should work for you. Wouldn't rule out a problem with the BT4 DVD though - have you also checked the md5sum of the downloaded ISO and burned it at the slowest speed?
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    Default Re: Backtrack4 installer gui hangs

    Thank you lots for the reply, yes, I have checked the md5, but I will take your advice with burning it at the slowest speed, if that does not work thank you for telling me there is a beta installer that may work.

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    Default Re: Backtrack4 installer gui hangs

    first, please excuse my english, i speak spanish.
    i have a machine with windows xp, and tried to install backtrack4

    i had the same problem, first with the liveCD, then download again the iso and installed it on a usb stick, and tried again, but hangs anyway.

    then, i download parted magic, because i thought that maybe the problem was with the partitioning, but it shows error too, but with a description. it said that i should turn off windows properly. that solved it, and i was able to go through the whole process and now i have it installed.

    i didnt realize this until mention it, i was turning on my computer trying to boot from usb, but when it begin to load windows, pressed the power button (without finishing windows start) and boot again.

    this is because every time i want to boot from usb i have to enter setup and configure as first device (before hdd).

    hope this helps.

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