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Thread: minimum specs for backtrack 3

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    Question minimum specs for backtrack 3

    does any body know the minimum specs for back track 3??

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    1. Brain
    2. Nerve
    3. Willingness to follow the law
    4. A decent laptop and a bit of money for additional equipment...

    Seriously, this is a distro running KDE3. Any recent laptop will run it (hopefully) - there is a HCL on the wiki. Read it.

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    I got BT3 working (with KDE !) on an old 450 Mhz Pentium 2 comp with an onboard graphic chipset.
    Booting is very slow, but it works

    So i think you might get it running on almost every comp if the hardware is supported.
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    maybe that's what he's trying to get, the HCL (and doesn't realize that it stands for Hardware Compatibility List). If that's the case, then just google it. I found the Offensive-security site to be quite useful

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