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Thread: Edimax 7318USg and aircrack!

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    Default Edimax 7318USg and aircrack!


    What i'm trying to do is cracking my own wireless network but no chance:

    I'm using: Acer Aspire 5732ZG-443G32Mn
    Wireless Adapter: Edimax 7318USg

    I did everything my knowledge could done, i tried bt3beta,bt3final,ubuntu10,bt4, the beginning the problem was the driver rt73 after a few hours,days i think that is solved,i will post some pictures so you can see what i did and where is the mistake i make:

    What i want is to make this work as it should!.

    ps: i think i have a psychical illness after this

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!

    Works!!!The problem was that was no traffic on the router and i bought a network cable and i connected the pc trought router and then everything worked i got traffic and i cracked the password.


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