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Thread: Social Engineering Toolkit (ETTERCAP=ON)

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    Default Social Engineering Toolkit (ETTERCAP=ON)

    Ok I've been playing arround with SET, everything works fine, nothing to complain I've plaied a little in the config with the options everything works.

    However when I enable ettercap (ETTERCAP=ON) nothing works anymore. From what I've understood ettercap should use DNS_Spoof a site to my IP on which SET will run, but when I do that nothing happens, no java applet, no exploits, no credentials .. nothing.
    I've tried to disable ettercap from SET and run them as 2 different tools with the same result. So if anyone here can help me a little I would appreciate it

    I figured it out how to do it normal, still having trouble with SSL tough ... is there any method to sniff trafic over SSL withous the certificate (ONLY WITH ETTERCAP, no sslstrip) ?
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