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Thread: Not quite connected to internett

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    Default Not quite connected to internett

    Well have being reading around, but cant find any solutions, so beare with me for asking about this....

    Running Bt4 Final from USB, did install ssh...

    Alfa usb AWUS036H

    Start network.....going into "wicd manager" It finds my network, typing in the correct password (WEP)...
    pressing "connect" it says: "Validating authentication"

    And thats about it.....after a while "not connected"

    Can someone please give me hints on what to do to make it work?

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    Default Re: Not quite connected to internett

    That error usually indicates a driver problem or a problem with the password used. Id try the password again, then perhaps change it. It might also be worth trying to configure your card manually if you cant get wicd to work (at least as a troubleshooting step) - the details are on the old BT wiki.
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