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Thread: BT 2.0 Final Problem With Netgear WG511

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    Default BT 2.0 Final Problem With Netgear WG511


    i used bt20061013 beta before and my card was recognized properly. monitor mode and injection did work.

    Now i downloaded 2.0 final and my card isnt even recognized.

    I also have a bcm4318 chipset in my notebook which is recognized.

    Might this in any way make problems ?

    How can i get my WG511 to be recognized again ? i'd prefer to use this one for injecting

    any help appreciated


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    Default Same Problem

    I have a Gateway 405ROG Laptop with a built-in IPW2200 pci wireless. I bought a WG511T (v3) card. I'm using Backtrack 2 Final.

    I want to be able to inject with the 511T. I run:

    ifconfig ath0 up

    And that works, then I run:


    And I see that now ath0 and a wifi0 are up and running. Now I run:

    iwconfig ath0 mode monitor

    And get this error:

    Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device ath0 ; Operation not supported.

    So... I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Also...

    Forgot to mention that when I try to run:

    iwconfig wifi0 mode monitor

    I get the same error. =(

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    try airmon-ng start wifi0

    you shud get ath1 in monitor mode
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    You can try the cheatcode bt acpi=off at the boot prompt. That got my IPW2200 and Netgear 511T card to be recognized and work.

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    Default To succesfuly monitor mode

    Ok listen carefuly.... to put a wg511t into monitor mode you first have to do the following.

    in console:

    airmon-ng start wifi0

    after you did that you will have another interface that is started allowing you to use it as monitor mode. to test it try running this.

    airodump-ng -ivs ath0

    this should tell you if ath0 is in monitor mode or not.... if ath0 doesnt work then try ath1..... if you want to see if its successfuly in monitor mode issue this command in a shell.


    that should tell you all the interfaces that are present.... and one should say monitor mode.

    anymore questions just ask :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterilla View Post
    ...How can i get my WG511 to be recognized again ? i'd prefer to use this one for injection
    I need more information, is it WG511 only? or is it WG511T or WG511U?

    WG511 has 4 variants, the initial 3 are I believe Intersil/Conexant Prism chipsets. Whereas WG511v2 (black plastic) is Marvell and will not work with linux unless you use ndiswrapper.
    WG511T/U are Atheros AR5212 chipsets.

    WG511 appears as ethX
    WG511T/U appears as athX

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    I think your card uses the same chipset as mine.

    try: iwconfig ath0 mode monitor
    I basically fluked
    this one. It's the only way I've found to get my WPN311
    to go into monitor mode.

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