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Thread: Capturing 802.11 packets being injected

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    Default Capturing 802.11 packets being injected

    Hi ,

    Have a query regarding capturing the 802.11 packets I am actively injecting into a wireless network.
    Basically I am trying to capture all the packets that I am injecting from my laptop into the network and storing it in a packet capture file (pcap or cap). This is so I can analyze exactly how many packets are being injected, and later reviewing them in Wireshark. I am basically trying to test what percentage of packets are being lost at different injection rates by my kismet drone that monitors my wireless network.

    Have done some searching around, and some testing with some of the wireless tools but haven't found an easy way to accomplish this? Was thinking I could use Scapy but was unable to find anything similar to my issue in their documentation. I was also thinking of using aireplay and adjusting the injection rate of my wireless adapter, but cannot figure out a way to turn that injection rate into packet statistics to compare to my kismet packet capture.

    Any help, or a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Capturing 802.11 packets being injected

    I would think the easiest solution would be to do a live capture with Wireshark using a filter to only display packets that originate from the injecting machine. You could either do the capture on the injecting machine itself or if you are only interesting in packets that are not "lost" you could add another machine to the network and do the capture there.

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