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Thread: 2 Issues I'm having.

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    Default 2 Issues I'm having.

    Hello everyone,

    I recently tried installing BT4 on my 2010 13'' Macbook Pro ( Broadcom 43XX WLan Card), and I've had the following issue: at the part of the installation from on partitions, no HD's show up, no partitions, I can't click on any button from the window except Back, Cancel and the standard X _ D buttons. What do I do? I tried installing from the terminal but it still didn't detect HD and partitions.

    Also, after searching a bit, I saw that in order to connect to my Wireless network, I needed to use dhcpcd. Well, how the heck am I going to install dhcpcd if I have no Internet connection? :/

    Take care.

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    Default Re: 2 Issues I'm having.

    did u mount that harddisk ? if so u need to unmount it or u wont see any partitions from it.
    also ,
    u can use dhclient which is installed to use dhcp. if u wanna connect to a ap from cli ,
    u can use wpa_passphrase and wpa_supplicant .
    i posted how to use those in anohter post so i wont double it, u can check the forums how to use or pm me
    CCNA-CCNP-CCSP-CEH-MCP(! ya ya in old good days there was mcp-winsock)
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