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Thread: I have an lmz2dir error, that I can't resolve.

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    Unhappy I have an lmz2dir error, that I can't resolve.

    so here is the thing, i downloaded sqlite module from this link:
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    but how do i install this module so it is ready to use,
    i tried
    lmz2dir sqlite-3.4.0.lzm
    but it said: bash: lmz2dir: command not found

    I am using backtrack 4 final in virtualbox
    thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: lmz2dir omgwtfbbq

    The error: "bash: lzm2dir: command not found is a part of the problem. I would suggest you look into it and go from there.
    Also next time pick a better thread title as per the rules.
    I do not want to go changing all of them for you.

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