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Thread: Ettercap can't find clear text http.

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    Default Ettercap can't find clear text http.

    I been having a problem with ettercap for awhile. The arp poisoning seems to be working fine as I can use programs like urlsnarf and msgsnarf and webspy. But when I use either the ettercap gui or the text version no http passwords show up I have tried to login multiple unencryped websites with no luck. I have used backtrack 3 and 4, as well a clean install of jaunty 9.04 with no updates other then ettercap. It was worked for me before in jaunty awhile back. I CAN get ettercap to work with sslstrip and it does decode ftp and pop protocols. I have tried different computers as well as different network cards and routers. I have tried wireshark to sniff the traffic but I don't see any clear passwords in the http responses.

    Is anyone having problems using ettercap with clear text? I have account at If someone else has a account there can someone sniff there account and see if it works. Thanks, any info would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Ettercap can't find clear text http.

    Depending on how the authentication for the site is configured, passwords may not be sent in clear text, and they will almost never be sent in the http response (they will usually be in the request). Try logging in with an intercepting proxy like Burp or Webscarab to see whats going on.
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