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Thread: working through a NAT

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    Default working through a NAT

    Is there a way to scan via nmap a network behind a NAT for instance:

    Say the public address is
    The inside network is

    how would I scan hosts on the 10.10.1.x network? would I have to penetrate and pivot on one of the hosts in the 10.10.2 network?
    Or is there a more direct route?

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    Default Re: working through a NAT

    Its a simple IP communication issue, because the traffic you send to scan a network or system is just like other IP traffic, and for it to be effective it must be able to be routed to the target system and the replies must be able to come back to your system. In the case of NAT'ed networks, usually only systems which have an interface with a local address in that network will be able to initiate communication to other machines in that network, so you have to make use of one of those systems to send your scan traffic for you. Penetrating and pivoting from a system with an interface in the 10.10.1.x network will work, as will redirectors, RAS/VPN setups, port forwarding, etc.
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    Default Re: working through a NAT

    i just came across a web page that did this to me. It used java to glean my private ip

    Internal IP address - NAT addresses, Private IP, NATed Addy

    I guess you could use java to map the whole network, but big deal?

    BTW, it locates me at a different town than I am in-prob cause I have a dynamic ip being doled out by the central office.

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