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Thread: airodump-ng aps screen help please

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    Default airodump-ng aps screen help please


    I am wondering if anyone can explain or show me an easy to follow guide regarding the airodump-ng screen as of BT4?...Im wondering what he following mean..

    I have around 30 aps on the list and the below is as im looking as of now on my laptop

    PWR (ranging from -33 to -71)

    Beacons (ranging from 18 to 11822)

    #Data (ranging from 18 to 598)

    #/s (all on 0)

    MB (all 54 or 54e)

    ENC (WEP, WPA, WPA2 and wondering what OPN is?)


    AUTH (most are saying PSK and some are blank)


    I currently have 3 on this list compared with the 30 above

    Rate (all on 0 - 1)
    Lost (all on 0)
    Packets (ranging from 3 -63)

    Ive just had a 10db Panel antenna delivered to connect to my AWUS036H so I need to compare the new antenna against the old antenna but would like to know what the difference/improvement is once I understand what the above means


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    Default Re: airodump-ng aps screen help please

    Why don't you try reading the appropriate documentation?
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