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Thread: Yet another USB HDD problem

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    Default Yet another USB HDD problem

    Greetings everyone,

    I'm using BackTrack 3 as a nice little tool to diagnose computers with broken down operating systems and i'm very happy with it. Though, i'm having an issue i still haven't been able to figure or fix. Here it is:

    Whenever i have to recover some user datas from the broken system, i can plug any kind of USB sticks. It gets instantly detected by BT3 and ready to use. I can copy files on it and it works fine. This is a great solution for just enough datas to fill my little 2 or 4Gb USB sticks...

    But now i'm dealing with a huge amount of data to recover (over 150Gb). And for some reason, none of my external USB drives allow me to I have a Seagate 250Gb and several Western Digital 640Gb drives in USB external racks... all of them have plenty of free space, they get detected instantly when plugged in and i can browse them and copy or use file from them... but i cannot write any single bit on them. Can't create files or folders, can't copy data on them... and yet they would have been the perfect media to recover such quantity of data.

    I just don't know why my FAT32 small size USB sticks are okay ... but none of my NTFS large capacity USB drives. Did i forget to the something in BT3 to make them properly usable? I will be very gratefull for your help.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Yet another USB HDD problem

    We don't support BT3 here any longer. Try with BT4.
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