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Thread: What tools would i use

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    Default What tools would i use

    im in class right know / Introduction to computer forensics and investigation

    my teacher has given us a project to hack into a dummy facebook account that he made

    Im not nessacerally asking how to hack it, but what tools would i utilize? im quite new to backtrack4 and i am seeking some guidance.

    I also have no access to the teachers computer and i dont have acces to the cookies so emulatting the cookies is a no go.

    thanks for those who help till then ill keep searching else where.

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    Default Re: What tools would i use

    An actual teacher created an account on a third party system he doesnt own or manage and then told students in his class to hack it? For real? This is either a really bad attempt at social engineering us (and it wouldnt be the first time thats happened), or your teacher is incredibly uneducated and irresponsible.

    Either way we aren't going to be helping.
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    Default Re: What tools would i use

    Your teacher should be fired for such stupidity.
    But I agree with lupin this is most likely some said S.E. attempt.

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