now before i start. Let me say yes i have read the forum but i have never found a complete answer so this is why i am asking this question.

I am using a macbook pro, VM Fusion, with BT4 Finial, and the ALFA AWUS036H USB Wifi... My connection is not working the way i want it to.

When i disconnect the USB from the BT Fusion volume and have either bridge, or NAT for networking then i can reach the net. The connection shows up as eth0

If i connect the USB ALFA to the BT Fusion volume. The light on the USB ALFA stay on until i start up the network (service networking start). Then i loose it and can no longer reach the internet.

tried the live CD to boot. WICD shows available networks but it is not using the USB ALFA (still not lit).

I really need some experienced help on this. It would be really appreciated, Thanks!