I have been trying to get airdrop-ng -s, or sleep switch to work.
The idea i'm working on is that I can run the deauth for one cycle and then let it sleep with the -s switch, for 20 seconds or so, then have it run again.
If i use -s 1 then it seem to pause the loop for about 3minutes before starting again.
Seems like a value of 1 would sleep the cycle for 1 second, or 1 minute or 1 hour, not 3 minutes.
Have searched quite a bit here and on the web in other sites, including some videos on airdrop for information on the syntax for the switch, and tried a few variations as well on -s. Like --sleep 1, -s 1, -s 01 and 001 etc. Also a decimal value causes an error. Any ideas or location to look would be appreciated.