Alright, so I have tried various different methods for trying to get Backtrack 4 to install on my computer. I have EASEUS Partition Master and manually resized my 320GB hard drive into two partitions. One partition for my Windows 7 Professional x86 (120GB), and the second partition for Backtrack 4 (200GB). Now, I have tried leaving the Backtrack 4 partition unformatted and let Backtrack 4 handle the formatting and installing on it, which obviously failed. I have tried formatting the Backtrack 4 partition to FAT32 and NTFS, so Backtrack 4 can just reformat and install like it does on some peoples Windows installations, and it failed. I have tried leaving Windows my whole 320GB of storage and letting Backtrack 4 handle the absolute whole thing by resizing and using the remaining free space on my 320GB hard drive for Backtrack 4. All of these options have failed. Now I am here to see if anyone can offer some generous (emphasize on the generous part, as I know some people believe they are too good to offer help) help. Here are my system specifications for more analysis:

Toshiba Laptop
Windows 7 Professional x86
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor 1.75ghz
2GB Kingston HyperX Ram
320GB Western Digital Hard Drive

And thanks for those that do offer some helpful feedback . It's greatly appreciated!