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Thread: vmware not showing usb dvice alfa awus036h

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    Question vmware not showing usb dvice alfa awus036h

    hell i have used backtrack 4 many times before on my desktop i just got a laptop and i can't get my usb device to connect to backtrack 4 , vmware used to let me connect the usb device by going to
    VM/Removable Devices/Netowrk adapter/Alfa 036h
    but now vmware only gives me
    VM/Removable Devices/Netowrk adapter/Disconnect or connect

    when i fist boot up bt4 i get this msg

    if that has anything to do with it
    so if anyone could help me on how i can get my usb device to show in that colum so i can connect it that would be great thanks!

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    Default Re: vmware not showing usb dvice alfa awus036h

    This is a VMWare issue, not a BackTrack issue. There is a huge, gigantic hint as to the cause of the problem in that message that's showing when you start your BT4 VM, so maybe you should try doing what the message is telling you to do.
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