Hi there,

I installed BT3 final for solving comptibility issues with a wifi card.
Anyway, while using ettercap-ng 0.73 on my own wifi-home-network, i noted a strange behaviour.During a capturing session of user-pass for virgilio.it and yahoo.it domains, it printed these lines:
HTTP : -> USER: xxxxx@virgilio.it PASS: xxxxx INFO:
HTTP : -> USER: xxxxx@virgilio.it PASS: xxxxx INFO: -> USER: xxxxx@yahoo.it PASS: xxxxx INFO:

Querying ripe and apnic database, i found out that one is hosted by an asian pacific provider ( Malaysia ) while the other one belongs to Russia.

I did other tests using bt4 and I did not have the result showned above.
I also checked md5sum of iso and there was no mismatch.
Did anyone found same behaviour?
Thanks all