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Thread: bt4-customise change request

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    Default bt4-customise change request

    I'm dropping this in here as I couldn't find a specific place for it.

    I've been doing a lot of work around customising the BT4 build for my use. I've installed various tools, installed VMware Server and added a Vista VM. I noticed that as it grew over 4GB the customise script wouldn't create the .iso.

    I had a quick look around and there's a switch to mkisofs that removes this 4GB limit. I added the "-limit-allowed-size" to the mkisofs line at the end to my script and it now works fine.

    Is there someone that could update the script on the website so others can benefit too?

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    Default Re: bt4-customise change request

    Sticking this in the Tools Request forum as its probably the best fit for it...
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