Following the discussion in the last thread about installing Backtrack on a pocket PC, I have done quite a lot of work.

Initially I looked into buying a UMPC laptop to run Backtrack on, but these are quite a lot bigger than a PDA and extremely cost prohibitive (cira £800+).

So I did some more digging, and about a week ago I purchased an old HP jornada 720 for £50 off ebay.

There is a fairly mature full release of Debian for this particular PDA (called 720degrees) and Debian does actually support the ARM processor architecture.

I have found it extremely easy to transfer a lot of Backtracks content & tools onto this PDA and get it working. I was thinking about maybe packaging what I have done and badging it all as "Linux: Backhand". Whose permission do I need to get to do this... and would it be possible to host it here when its all done?

Many thanks