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Thread: BT4 WPA Password list?

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    Default BT4 WPA Password list?


    I'm getting kinda confused... I've managed to get a handshake on my network, but now apparently I need a password list. I know that BT4 comes with a password list (wait does it?) but where can I locate this? And what extention are any password lists that I could download? .txt? And are they just one word/password per line so I can add to?

    Finally what is it all about compiling password lists? I've read a couple of topics but get lost immediately when they start talking about databases or something?

    Would be great if someone could explain it

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: BT4 WPA Password list?

    We really don't need to explain this again do we?
    I mean seriously if you got a headache then maybe you should start with something easier.

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