I am a new player in backtrack,after install the system the fisrt thing i need to do is connect to the network.If the situation is LAN,in ubuntu i just plug the line then everything should be ok.But backtrack didn't,so i search forum then i am aware of that it seems i need to use the command "/etc/init.d/networking start",but after this it just told me that "eth0:no such device" or "eth1:no such device" and so on.
To another way,i thought about using the wlan to connect the network.So i opened the wlan button in my computer.Then try the command "ifconfig -a",there were three interfaces:lo,wlan0 and vxxxx00(i could not remember this).After this, i used the command "/etc/init.d/wcid start" then run the wcid GUI,it told me that there are no any wlan interface.
As a rookie i need a solution about connecting the network,so please give me a help.