If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.
Over the last few weeks, I noticed a drop in my connection, which I didn't think anything of, until recently. So, I decided to run etherape during the last few dropouts, and it lit up like a christmas tree. I was being connected to by IPs from all over the world in a few seconds.

Well, this evening, my gmail was hacked. From what I can tell, it was only for 8 minutes, but it was enough time for some kind of spambot to hit my address book. I'm thinking that my firefox profile was compromised, but to tell the truth, I'm a little out of my depth. I'm running linux, if that helps you experts out any.

My question is: wtf? does this sound like anything anyone here is familiar with? Is there any way to gauge how bad I'm screwed? I must have a billion logins, and I'd really hate to track down and change everything.... Not to mention, how do I seal this up?

Any help or guidance is appreciated