This is a page with links to some of the more useful/popular threads on the forum on topics that aren't covered in the BackTrack Wiki or are already up on Irongeek's security tutorials page (those new to linux should also bookmark and refer to it frequently). Google has also added a linux-specific search that is great for checking error output ( ) Feel free to PM me with links that you think I've missed or should be included and I"ll edit them in. Thanks to everybody who's contributed to the thread so far.

Because somebody had to do it.

Basic BackTrack usage

Madwifi, Kismet, and Aircrack updating; or, How to get your Atheros card injecting properly

Dual Booting XP and BT

Dual Booting XP and BT using the windows bootloader and GRUB

Customizing a BackTrack HD install

Battery monitor support howto Fixed in BT2

MAC address spoofing with madwifi-ng drivers (updated, previous thread did not work with BT2)

How to crack a WEP key

How to crack a WEP key, but quicker

[16 Videos] WEP/WPA Cracking - Diffferent methods!

Tutorial: The art of ARP amplification

How to increase IVs when there are no clients

How To Make: CHEAP Homemade Parabolic Reflector Antenna

Simple check for proper wifi injection

Sniffing tutorial with ettercap

Basic hack with nmap, metasploit, tftp, netcat, and johntheripper

New drivers and aircrack 0.9 for Alfa AWUS036H