Hi all i have a small problem and as this site has allready supplied me with great answers and resource i thought of no one better to ask for help / advice.

I have followed all steps in the how 2 guides anad as long as my dictionary file is on the root it goes well.

My problem is that i am runnig a live dvd for backtrack 4 final. I have got my .cap file and the dictionary file i want to use is too large to copy . Its on my external 20 2.5in drive.

its should in my mind be as simple as typing the address as showen in the addres bar - system:/media/sdb1/all.lst - didnt work
also tried the following
/media/mobile 19gb-1/all.lst - didnt work
/mnt/mobile 19gb-1/all.lst - didnt work
/media/sdb1/all.lst - didnt work
/mnt/sbd1/all.lst - didnt work

when i check the file location using find / - name it shows the location as /media/mobile 19gb-1/all/lst how ever as above shows it isnt working.

the drive is showing as mounted and is set to auto mount. as alot of dictionary files are big there must be a way of correctly setting the path to a external drive. I just dont seam to be able to find it. any and all help is greatly appreachated