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Thread: External HDD NTFS Write error.

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    Default External HDD NTFS Write error.

    Hey there. I'm not really a linux n00bie and i've been using backtrack since backtrack 3 although I only really used it for sh*ts and giggles at home and at friends places.

    My current setup is an Acer Aspire One (150)
    running Backtrack 4 (final)
    Dual boot with Windows XP

    So far I haven't had any troubles with it and the shiney new toys are fantastic, so thanks to all involved in the backtrack releases.

    My problem is that my 2Tb external HDD is read only. if i try to write something to it i get "Could not write to /location/url/ect/ect/ect/file.extension"
    I can mount it fine using
    mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/windows -t ntfs -r
    and i checked the properties and in the mounting tab and read only is not checked.

    so does anyone else have this problem with external HDDs?
    i had a snoop around google but everything i tried made it worse (couldnt even read the files any more)

    I would love a solution that doesn't require to be run every time i want to use my HDD. so when I plug it in it just works straight up.

    if i left any info out just ask. I'm also sure this will help some others.

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    Default Re: External HDD NTFS Write error.

    Try mounting without specifying the fs type as NTFS. It should then hopefully autodetect the filesystem type and mount it using fuse/ntfs-3g.
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    Default Re: External HDD NTFS Write error.

    Actually nvm i found a way that works really well at:
    How to mount partition with ntfs file system and read write access

    however when i got the ntfs-3g app i used
    apt-get install ntfs-3g
    (because the link provided on the website was broken.

    thanks for letting me vent anyway :P it deffinatly helped me find the solution.

    but at least I answered my own question and now anyone else with the same problem has the answer too ^_^

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