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Thread: Creating and encoding a Metasploit meterpreter payload

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    Default Creating and encoding a Metasploit meterpreter payload

    OK, so this is nothing new, however getting a payload to bypass AV is always interesting.

    An example to be placed between the many others ..

    Creating and encoding a Metasploit reverse_tcp payload

    Should the above be a waste of space, then please let me know.
    I however, have found the methods needed to bypass AV fascinating and although the
    method used in the vid will surely be rendered useless within short, it does go to show that
    bypassing AV is not as hard as one would think. Unfortunately.

    There are a few errors in the vid, for instance the msfcli option as shown is missing the 'E' for final exploit
    option and I make a few typoes here and there when trying to get to the correct directory.. but hey,
    we are all human
    The payloadB.exe (as seen when running 'ps') is the exact same exe as created in the video by the way.
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