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Thread: Flashing the senao card

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    Lightbulb Flashing the senao card

    Ok, well here is what I found out so far:

    Some senao cards will flash the firmware with outa problem... others willappear to flash with the winupdate util,but nottake on the flash. The reason for this seemsto bedue to the RAM downloading utility being activated on the card in devicemanager under the properties of the card.

    read this

    Be sure to backup your pda.txt before you flash! (simply copy to clipboard and past into a pda.txt file.

    to fix the problem, turn this feature off and thenflash. Rember to turn the option back on before you take out the card. DO NOT by any means delete the pda.txt in winpdate! this will cause a total new flash of the firmware (primary, station and possibly Tertiary)

    if your like me and wasn't paying attention, you deleted the pda.txt.
    To fix this you will need the pda.txt from some one, then flash it to the card using prism2dl in the bt2 distro. (i'm still trying to findsome one who will sendme the pda.txt) Then Both primary and station then need to be flashed using prism2dl (still trying to find out if Tertiary needs to be flashed aswell.

    If anyone has the senao card and can send my the pda.txt, I should be able to revive my card and establish if tertiary flash is needed.

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