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Thread: PORT REDIRECTION (rinetd)

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    Default PORT REDIRECTION (rinetd)

    Hello all i am new to back|tack it a great pentesting live CD well i was trying to port forward from the router ip to my own, my ip is and the router ip the Config file "/etc/rinetd.conf" was edited as below:
    root@bt:~# cat /etc/rinetd.conf 80 80
    and when i try to connect to the router ip on port 80 no redirection happened !! is there any mistake in the config file or in the program it self if ?

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    Default Re: PORT REDIRECTION (rinetd)

    Hmmm I really don't understand what you want to do ... please explain.
    First you want to redirect any trafic comming to your router on port 80 to your IP right ? If this is the case just enter the routers main page and port forward the trafic from there.
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