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Thread: TMAC for Linux

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    Lightbulb TMAC for Linux

    TMAC, a simple bash program, written for the purpose of changing the MAC address of Network Interface Card (NIC) in Linux based system, provided it has Bash environment.

    This tool attempts to change the MAC address of Network Inteface Cards (NIC) in Linux systems by choosing a randomly-generated MAC address. The chosen MAC address is randomised in following way:
    -It chooses it's first 3 octets needed for MAC address from a list of MAC vendors list provided from IEEE, which can be found here.
    -The rest 3 octets are a set of complete randomly-generated hexadecimal numbers obtained with help of Psuedo-random-generator system variable.

    All it needs is a Linux machine with BASH shell environment.

    Looking at the title, many people would have already been saying that "What the heck? Why do I need a MAC-address-changer for my linux? When I already have 'one-command-solution' for that. Its so simple... user@localhost:~$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

    Sagar Belure


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    Default Re: TMAC for Linux

    gitsnik@bt-vm:~$ sudo macchanger -A wlan0

    I vote that this is one-more-way to do the same thing and should not be included (or maybe tacked into the repositories if you really want to, but I don't think it's necessary).
    Still not underestimating the power...

    There is no such thing as bad information - There is truth in the data, so you sift it all, even the crap stuff.

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    Default Re: TMAC for Linux

    I know this is also being courted in the security-basics lists, and to quote from a response there;
    For one, I fail to see why anyone in his right mind would want to change
    the MAC address on every login, StreetView or not. I certainly do hope
    nobody is foolish enough to base their security on the secrecy of MAC
    Second, how does your script account for address collisions?
    Not to mention that your code is way too complex and also assumes that
    the number of OUIs in oui.txt will never change. The whole random
    address generation can easily be reduced to this (and I suppose an awk
    guru will be able to reduce it even more):
    function octet() {
     printf "%02X" $(($RANDOM % 256))
    cnt=$(grep "(hex)" oui.txt | wc -l)
    oui=$(grep "(hex)" oui.txt | awk -v n=$(($RANDOM % $cnt + 1)) 'NR==n {print $1}')
    Also, instead of checking $param1 in multiple elif clauses I'd suggest
    to use a case statement:
    case "$param1" in
       # do some
       # do other
       # print usage information (which I'd probably do with a here
       # document rather than multiple "echo -e" commands)
    If you require bash anyway, at least make good use of its features.
    My 0.02 $CURRENCY.
    Ansgar Wiechers
    Not to mention as Gitsnik stated above and what I started to post when seeing this first appear. What is special with this tool that GNUMACchanger can't already do?
    Further this has been tested( according to the author) on ubuntu and likely one version that we know nothing about.

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