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Thread: sectool : Tool for Security Audit Tool and IDS

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    Lightbulb sectool : Tool for Security Audit Tool and IDS

    sectool is often a security tool that will be applied each like a security audit along with a component of an intrusion detection system. It consists of set of tests, library and textual , graphical frontend. Screening are sorted into groups and security levels. Administrators can run a number of tests, groups or whole security levels.


    Security Levels in sectool

    1.Naive – pretty basic and short set of tests
    2.Desktop – set of tests prepared to run on box not connected to internet
    3.Network – standard client machine connected to internet
    4.Server – network server
    5.Paranoid – bunch of tests for paranoid admins
    The tests print several type of messages during their execution. “Warning” and “Error” messages are used to inform about discovered security risks.

    warning – something that admin should know about
    error – issues that should be fixed
    Then there are another two messages: “Hint” and “Info”. These two are not print by default, so they need to be turned on.

    hint – helps to find a way how to resolve discovered issue
    info – provides information what does the test do at the moment

    Test Results of sectool
    Every test run is finished with one of these results:
    - PASS – Everything went OK, no security risks were discovered
    - WARNING – only warning messages were print
    - ERROR – at least one security issue was discovered
    - FAIL – internal test problem appears, test can’t be run

    Operating system supported
    Currently *nix
    We hope support for windows wil be added soon .

    Download sectool v0.9.4 Here

    by firebits

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    Default Re: sectool : Tool for Security Audit Tool and IDS

    thank for share its usefull for me....

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    Default Re: sectool : Tool for Security Audit Tool and IDS

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    Default Re: sectool : Tool for Security Audit Tool and IDS

    Not a bad stuff, kinda what i needed

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