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Thread: GSM scanning

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    Default GSM scanning

    Hi apart from spending £1000s on gms network scanning hardware is it possible to do this via software and a mobile??

    I have had a quick look online and all of the software that ive come across looks like scamware.....

    Is this even possible?
    I would like to see what information is transmitting from my samsung H1 Vodafone... It is constantly connecting to the internet and I dont know what its doing....

    I thought it might be a good question to ask....


    Still generating rainbow tables been like 3 weeks

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    Default Re: GSM scanning

    In short - not without building a lot of stuff yourself. Take some time to read through the 3gpp docs. The OTA stuff has at least 9 different permutations of MAC where different logical links pass over different physical links. Sure, you can - in theory - get any ol' handset to give up what's going on over the air, but unless the operator is still in 2g mode (and almost no one is operating a 2g network) all that you get is useless. For instance, default data encryption scheme in 3g is KASUMI (aka A5/3), which is technically breakable - but not in realtime, not 100%, and not without lots of known data to search for. Since I haven't come across a carrier yet that operates without encryption turned on, you won't be able to do anything useful with the data you get - even assuming you're getting the rlc packets.

    Anyway, at the end of the day, what exactly do you think you're going to find?

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    Default Re: GSM scanning

    Id like to find out why my phone keeps connecting to the network for..I have a 500meg limit & i dont really use that much but I checked the internet stats on the phone & its nearing 700-800 meg even though I know ive not used that much bandwidth....
    I am always interested in how things work... will have a read many thanks

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    Default Re: GSM scanning

    for that you need bandwidth manager application for your phone. plenty of them around and plenty of them free.

    nothing to do with backtrack so i will close this thread. if you need something more, pm me and ill reopen.

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