Hey everyone, I was browsing the current help/tutorial files here and none of them solved my problems, so I had to do it myself. I encountered a LOT of "Missing or Corrupt hal.dll", Black screen with blinking white cursor on the upper left hand corner with no error code and also an error when I loaded Back|Track from boot I got a GRUB prompt.

This guide below went through all the major Grub/Win/Dual errors with success. This guide will get ANYONE running Back|Track and XP with 5 partitions. Someone on this forum called 'Dude' said I cant have 5 partitions, BUT I DO and IT WORKS!

Another thing, this forum is in php and like most forums the layout of a text dump gets a rearranged structure and this guide is really LONG, but works and ITS VERY EASY [even though it took me 5 days to figure everything out you can do this is in a few hours]. I originally uploaded THE TUTORIAL on my gopher site because the computer I run at the moment finds modern software a real bitch and I have to use Lynx, bboard, com, pine and gopher as means of communication.

Here is the URL for the Tutorial/Guide: