Sickness, you are right about the torrent downloads and also about the offensive labs, but I can't help think about vmware and the possibilities with it.
I mean, if everything comes configured, where is the fun in learning how it works, why it works and how to patch it? I know we all like it easy, no matter who we are.
I am sure you got my point in my previous post, but all that the class is, is just condensed material from a few books, that's how I see it. In the OffSec 101, the only hard time I had was with the buffer overflows and fuzzing, which one can easily find books on those topics and read up on his own, without thinking that he's got 30 days to finish the whole class. I meant, for a busy guy like myself, I hate that time restriction. If I spent the money, I want to be able within 6 month, let's say, to go through all the labs, because it's what I pay for and I want to take advantage of the whole package. If it's a self study, and mostly is nowadays, then I need time to really understand the class and not just fly through. You got to work around my time, I shouldn't have to work around yours. Right? That's why I pay you. And 30 days, I think, it's not a lot of time to immerse yourself in the whole class and understand it too, and go through all the labs and document everything. I am sure you could, if that's all you do, but I think I would find myself with shallow knowledge and not completely understand it.