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Thread: 1 bt4 usb with drivers for multiple machines?

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    Default 1 bt4 usb with drivers for multiple machines?

    so.. I'm putting bt4 on a usb again and I could use a little help.

    I have 2 laptops, and 2 desktops using a combination of amd/ati/creative/realtek drivers...

    ok so say I want to take it out of the desktop with an Nvidia graphics and Creative sound.. and put it in the laptop with an AMD/ATI card and Realtek sound...

    If possible I want to be able to use compiz and other things, while having the drivers installed for both cards so it works on all computers... or is it just not worth it? I currently have bt4 independently installed on all 4 machines... I would just like to keep it all on the usb....

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    Default Re: 1 bt4 usb with drivers for multiple machines?
    pureh@te said: Our goal is to be a fearsome pentest distro not a windows replacement OS where we are trying to convert the world to Linux.

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