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Thread: BackTrack Laptop Build?

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    Default BackTrack Laptop Build?

    Hows it goin. Complete noob to Linux, should have started using it when i was young but just been lazy i guess, really been distracted by games ever since i got me my first Cobra MKIII, ANYWAY

    Ive been doing a lot of reading on Linux and idealy id like a fairly smallish sized laptop running BackTrack. I understand size can offer performance constraints, however mobility is my priority if possible.

    Could anybody lend some advice on what models of laptops would be a suitable compromise between mobility and power?, modding if necessary is not much of an issue i have spent years building overclockd rigs. But again i really dont have much of a clue about laptops and Linux, any advice would be appreciated.


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    Check the Hardware capability Thread on here for mare information. Anyways I use an Asus eeePC 1005Ha that I bought from best buy for around 300 bucks works just fine with BT4, but I guess any netbook will do. Just look around.
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    Default Re: BackTrack Laptop Build?

    This topic has been covered.

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