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Thread: IPW4965/IWL4965 agn

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    Default IPW4965/IWL4965 agn

    Hey i got a question!

    just to make one thing clear, im very new to the whole linux concept, but im learning while i go!

    I have been trying to do injections with aireply-ng latley but it seams like my current drivers for my wireless card "IPW4965/IWL4965 agn" aint supporting injection in the Backtrack 4 release.

    So i have been looking around for a solution to this problem, and what i found out is that apperently there is a fix to this problem out there but i need a new kernel, a new'er version of some sort(linux newb) and the question is, how do i compile a new kernel to bt4 with the new drivers?

    so anyone care to give me a hint?

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: IPW4965/IWL4965 agn

    i have an Intel 4965agn and injection works. You must fake associate using wpa_supplicant beforehand.

    a quick search of these forums yielded this thread

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