Hi all, recently somebody broke into my brother's apartment and stole my laptop. I live in a small city, and I suspect the person who stole it lives in the same apartment complex.
The only thing I have left is the MAC address and serial number of my laptop that was stolen. So when I use airodump or kismac to look at the routers and clients, I can see the majority of MAC addresses in the neighborhood.
My question is are there any good programs out there that are very accurate at locating the distance between clients? In airodump (on an Acer Aspire One) I can see all the clients on one screen but the problem is that the "Power" column does not accurately display the distance between my Acer and the client.
I would really appreciate any help out there from you guys. I already filed a police report so that it can't be pawned, and I am checking my local craigslist everyday to make sure it's not on there. The reason why I really need this laptop is that it has all my personal information on it, and everything that I backed up is on an external HDD and that was taken also.