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Thread: TOR bad for staying anonymous?

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    Default TOR bad for staying anonymous?

    I have read that TOR is a sub par option for staying anonymous.

    I know exit nodes can sniff traffic including encrypted traffic. However this is a privacy issue, not a staying anonymous issue. Unless of course your sending emails with your name in them or logging into your myspace.

    I also understand an attacker might control multiple nodes, and this would decrease TOR's effectiveness and possibly reveal the origination of the traffic.

    So my question is, If I simply wish to browse the internet (google, cnn...etc) and not login to anything how secure is TOR in maintaining my anonymity? This is all theoretical and I am not trying to clutter TOR servers by reading the daily post on with TOR, I just wish to comprehend why people believe TOR is bad for staying anonymous when browsing web pages.

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    Default Re: TOR bad for staying anonymous?

    This has nothing to do with BT.
    You might try google for more info. You could also look at for more on anonymity.

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