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Thread: two atheros adapters

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    Question two atheros adapters

    Is it not possible to use two atheros adapters (netgear wn111n and tplink wn722n) in backtrack4? Every time I try to connect the second one the other adapter automatically disconnects. I have searched and cannot find a similar problem anywhere. Many thanks for any assistance you can give.

    Ok seeing as I can't bump or repost this I'll edit and hope to get a response. I have searched for the last two weeks on many forums, google etc using every search parameter that I can think of and still have not found a similar problem. Either I have missed the bleeding obvious (to which I humbly apologise if this is the case), the question was considered stupid or I have actually stumbled upon a problem that even the gurus can't answer (highly unlikely). I am not a linux noob but I am a BT noob. In five years I have asked two questions on linux forums so it's not as if I'm a serial pest. If I have missed the post that has the answer could someone at least hint. Thankyou.
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