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Thread: airodump-ng no pwr indicated

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    Default airodump-ng no pwr indicated

    running airodump-ng but the pwr column shows all zero's
    Using hawking HWU8DD USB Dish Adapter ZD1211rw driver.
    As this is a dish adapter I really need the pwr indication.
    It used to work but have not used it for sometime so I guess the driver has been updated since I last used it. Airodump and airdrop are all working OK except the pwr indication and it injects OK.
    Is it possible to roll back to an earlier driver and if so how?
    many thanks

    I have just tested the USB dish on a version of BT4 pf and the PWR column is working correctly and I can direct my dish to the selected AP for the best signal. I guess the the problem is the driver. Could some kind member please point me in the direction of
    A - how to find the version information of each driver &
    B - How do I change the driver version
    many thanks
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