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Thread: Rainbowcrack (rcrack function)

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    Default Rainbowcrack (rcrack function)


    I study the differents way to break windows password sessions, that works with Ophcrack.

    But now I woult to try with Rainbowcrack and there that 's dont work.
    When I wish use rcrack function, it seems to do not reconnized (under BT4) Nevertheless it is a member (item) of the menu.

    root@bt:~# rcrack ......................................
    bash: rcrack: command not found

    Have you got an idee about this problem ?

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    Default Re: Rainbowcrack (rcrack function)

    Yeah check for the location of rcrack and spelling and then ensure the location is in your $PATH if not add it or else run from the directory it is in.

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    Default Re: Rainbowcrack (rcrack function)

    Or try ./rcrack

    I don't know why, but sometimes I have to put './' in front of a command before it is recognized.

    Of course, you also have to be in the right directory as stated above.

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