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Thread: need help get back my interface

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    Unhappy need help get back my interface

    ok i try to run the "airmon-ng" command on my virtual rite but it doesnt give me back my interface. I tyed some other commands,when online to seach why i cant get this running and when on yuotube and still nothing plz someone help me out on what do i have to do to get my interface or do i need to enable some thing i dont know?, oh runing this on my laptop.....the wired things is i can go oline when i connect my RG-45 but then when i want to go wireless it wont work why?

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    Default Re: need help get back my interface

    Suggest you start by reading the FAQS, searching the forum and reading the aircrack-ng documentation. Amongst other things you should be checking that your card is supported.
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