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Thread: Guidelines for Images in Posts

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    Default Guidelines for Images in Posts


    I'm trying to find the Image posting guidelines and requirements but have been unable to so far.

    What is the maximum file size for uploading of images?
    What is the maximum number of images allowed to upload per post?
    What image formats are acceptable for uploads?
    Can I link to images hosted elsewhere? Will it require an [img] tag?
    When using uploaded images, will insert inline require an [img] tag?


    I have searched for "image" "post" "guidelines" using the forum search but have not found an answer.




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    Default Re: Guidelines for Images in Posts

    If you load an image that is not acceptable then the forum will tell you so upon trying.
    If it is a picture that is in violation of the forum rules then we will let you know.
    The best way to use a picture is to select the "Insert Image" tag when posting. Or post a link.

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    Default Re: Guidelines for Images in Posts

    I was trying to upload the pictures for the How to Nessus 4.2.2: The Basics.

    I discovered:
    -!_Format must be 620 x 280 pixels for images.
    -!_Maximum # of image uploads to a post is 5.
    -!_Maximum size for your file type is 19.5kb (Which was PNG)

    After thinking it over I thought that trying to upload directly maybe compromising the quality of the How to.
    So, I just got myself an Imageshack account to host the images.

    P.S. I think there are some stability issues with the image file uploader. It crashed
    on me several times.
    Checking the vBulletin forums I found similar issues.

    Thanks Archangel-Amael.

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